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Get to know Ulrike! 

Speaker, Author
Expert for collaboration and the new WE in Business

Ulrike Stahl makes the NEW WE tangible in business. With her lively, likeable and competent approach, she inspires her listeners to take on unrivalled successful collaboration.

⦿ How do we develop a WE mindset for ourselves, our associations, our companies and our employees?

⦿ How do we make this new WE work with strong egos?

⦿ How willed and skilled are we for the change?

⦿ And how is the WE factor going to make us successful?

She speaks and writes about it with passion in her German book «So geht WIRtschaft! Kooperativ. Kollaborativ. Kokreativ.» and more than 100 press publications. As a coach for top teams and executives, she has her finger on the pulse, and that is precisely what makes her presentations gripping and lifelike.

«If everyone is pursuing his personal agenda, it is a pure waste!»

She has experienced this for herself aged 33 working as a managing director in local government. When presenting at a conference in Cuba, she realized that there is more to life than being a civil servant with a job for life and a brilliant career.

Ulrike Stahl Keynote Speaker Rednerin Expertin fuer Zusammenarbeit wird verkabelt

Her visit to Cuba and experiencing the joie de vivre of Cubans helped her to break free from what was expected of her and opened the door to growing and achieving the most amazing things. But only by truly understanding the power of collaboration and making it the core of her doing.
Her move to Mexico working for the United Nations sparked her enthusiasm for cultural diversity and international cooperation. For almost 20 years now, she has been working with individuals and teams to inspire collaboration within and between companies. She is working with global players in Europe, Asia and Latin America and virtually all over the world.

Ulrike walks her talk.

Ulrike Stahl Kollaborationsprojekt Ignite Your Female Leadership internationale Bestsellerautorin

She is an active member of the German Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation. She is involved in mastermind groups and enjoys having severalsuccess partners all over the world – these are people with whom she mutually exchanges goals, actions and successes.

Ulrike private

She loves to discover new countries and cultures and travels with her husband to explore the world. Yoga and green smoothies are her secret to staying fit. She loves food. When time allows, she tries out new recipes that promise a balance between tasty and healthy. How fortunate that good red wine and black chocolate actually contain a lot of antioxidants :).

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