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Together we are fast, intelligent and innovative.

Together we can achieve more than ever before.

If we only stop competing and start collaborating.

Ulrike Stahl

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Ulrike Stahl

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Ulrike Stahl: So geht WIRtschaft! Kooperativ. Kollaborativ. Kokreativ. erschienen im metropolitan Verlag.

"One of the best business books." Handelsblatt

"This book captivates right away"

"Many thanks for this great plea for cooperation, collaboration and efficient communication."

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The new WE in Business

Stop competing,

start cooperating!

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Hacks for unrivalled successful collaboration

Agile, global, virtual, across hierarchies, departments and companies – no success without collaboration. Together we are fast, intelligent and innovative. Together we achieve more than ever before. Provided we finally stop competing and start cooperating. In this refreshing talk by Ulrike Stahl, expert for collaboration and the new WE in Business, you will find out which hacks help us and why it is smart to play around.


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Rednerbroschuere Ulrike Stahl. Die Rednerin für Ihre Veranstaltung. Konkurrenzlos erfolgreich zusammenarbeiten. Expertin für das neue WIR im Business.




One of the best business books – Handelsblatt 2018

Ulrike Stahl: So geht WIRtschaft! Kooperativ. Kollaborativ. Kokreativ. erschienen im metropolitan Verlag

Winning together

with the success factor cooperation.


Competition stimulates business. Competition spurs us on. Competition makes us successful. Quite the opposite is true. We are in the middle of the digital age, and new rules for success apply here. Together, companies can achieve more than ever before. By sharing knowledge, using different perspectives and co-creatively developing new ideas. And winning together.

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Keynote-Speaker für erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit und Kooperation


„Ulrike Stahl impressed with her talk and presented the necessary factors for successful cooperation. All that with a lot of competence, experience and passion.“

Reinhard Herok - CEO & Founder bei Herok - only with passion

„Ulrike Stahl is an inspiring speaker. She has motivated our members to collaborate more and has done us a great service in introducing mastermind groups."

Horst Bergmann, Managing Director GaLaBau Sachsen

„I was really impressed with Ulrike Stahl. That was to the point, made me think and was presented in such a stimulating way that I thought that's how speaking had to be.“

Michael Rossié, Keynote Speaker und Speaker Coach

„Spirited, sympathetic, competent! Ulrike Stahl shows in a practical way how cooperation can succeed between solopreneurs.“

Monika Heilmann, Chair Gabal Regionalgruppe Stuttgart

„Ulrike Stahl was a great asset to our cooperative days. Her message that even at first glance unusual cooperations can lead to great success was particularly well received.“

Maren Kern, Director BBU Berlin Brandenburgische Wohnungsunternehmen

„The subject is highly relevant. Ulrike Stahl's talk has inspired reflection and has a lasting effect. The participants interacted much more intensively than usual during the breaks.“

Christina Lange, Advisor GaLaBau Sachsen


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